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Gesneriads are a varied plant Family. The members of the National Capital Area Chapter are proud of their plants.

Follow this link to view plants grown by Chapter members and shown in the 2008 Plant Show.

Petal Tones, the Newsletter of the National Capital Area Chapter

Petal Tones is distributed to members. Older issues are available here.

2015 issues part 1 (PDF)
2015 issues part 2 (PDF)

December 2014 Gasteranthus (J. Roberts); A Few of My Favorite Things (B. Stewart); NCAC's October Show Report (J. Roberts); Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund
September 2014 President's Message; Bloomin' Now; Meeting Minutes
August 2014 President's Message; Bloomin' Now; How Lysionotus Showed Me the Light: Rhizomes in Gesneriads (C. Wickliffe); Announcements
July 2014 President's Message; Plant Adoption presentation (July meeting); Bloomin' Now; A Vacation to Convention 2014, Nashville, TN (B. Stewart)
May 2014 President's Message; The State of the Chapter (J. Roberts); Bloomin' Now; Happy Birthday Conrad Gessner (Q. Schlieder)
February 2014 Cure the Winter Blues with a Gesneriad Fairy Garden (B. Stewart); revised Spring Show Schedule
January 2014 Growing Begonias Indoors, the Violet Grower’s Way (A. Norris); Bloomin' Now; Spring Show Schedule
October 2013 Pollinating your Gesneriads (K. Cichocki, reprinted); How I Grow My Show-winning Petrocosmeas(A. Norris, reprinted)
September 2013 Seeing Double - Hybridizing Double Flowering Sinningias (C. Wickliffe); Episcia - Growing for Show (L. Linett); August 2013 meeting (H. Belcher); Bloomin' Now
August 2013 A Lighter Mix for Epiphytes, Tuberous Plants, and Favorites (A. Norris); Program announcement: Species Streptocarpus Program by Dee and Bob Stewart October 26, 2013
June 2013 Sinningia Tubers (B. Stewart); Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Bloomin' Now; May Meeting - Artistic Designs
May 2013 Gesneriad of the Month: Achimenes (B. Stewart); Bloomin' Now; Pinching: What, Where, How, and When to Pinch Your Plants (A. Norris); DAVS; Desperately Seeking
March 2013 March Program: Propagation Techniques; Brazil Plants (J. Roberts; reprinted from March 2009)
February 2013 Plan(t) a Dish Garden or Terrarium for Show (L. Linett); Announcements; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Propagation: Techniques for getting more from your collection (A. Norris); Desperately Seeking
January 2013 President's Message; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Bloomin' Now; Desperately Seeking; Errata
December 2012 President's Message; Thieving Gesneriphiles Gift Swap; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; outh Sea Violet Show (MAAVS); Barb's Tips on her DIsh and Natural Gardens (B. Stewart); Desperately Seeking; Fragrant Gesneriads part 4 (J. Boggan, reprinted with permission); Bloomin' Now; March 2013 Show Schedule
November 2012 Growing Episcias for Maximum Blooming (A. Norris); Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Bloomin' Now; Fragrant Gesneriads part 3 (J. Boggan. reprinted with permission); Desperately Seeking
October 2012 President's Message; Fragrant Gesneriads part 2 (J. Boggan, reprinted with permission); Announcement - Propagation Committee Design & Purpose; NCAC Elections in December; Upcoming Shows; Desperately Seeking
September 2012 President's Message; Fragrant Gesneriads part 1 (J. Boggan, reprinted with permission); Desperately Seeking; Blooming Now; Growing Gesneriads Outdoors: Some Considerations (B. Connor); End of Summer Reminders (L. Linett); A Convention Visit to Seattle (B. Stewart); NCAC Elections in December; Upcoming Shows
June 2012 Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Bloomin' Now; My Visit to the Symphony of Violets (D. Beverin); Desperately Seeking; Plant Feature: Columnea orientandina (K. Imai)
May 2012 Ask Mr. Gesneriad; new member introduction (S. Arnaiz); Bloomin' Now; Desperately Seeking
April 2012 Report from the March 31, 2012, show of the Delaware African Violet & Gesneriad Society show (B. Connor); Bloomin' Now; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; photos from Jim Roberts' visit to Fairfield Gardens; Plans for Regional Show (Q. Schlieder)
March 2012 President's Message, Helpful Tips (L. Linett); announcements; Regional Show News; Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Desperately Seeking; Donna's Light Gardens
February 2012 President's Message; announcements; History and Culture of Streptocarpus (B. Connor, reprint from 2008)
January 2012 Gloxinia 'Dragonsong' (J. Roberts, reprint from 2007); Bloomin' Now; Desperately Seeking
December 2011 President's Message; Take Some Time To... (L. Linett) Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Hardy(ish) Begonias and Gesneriads (J. Boggan); A Fall Road Trip (B. Stewart); Bloomin' Now (including at the Munich Botanical Gardens); Desperately Seeking; announcements
October 2011 After Thoughts from our Show; Desperately Seeking; A Tale of Tree Terrariums (B. Stewart); My First Collection (B. Stewart); Announcements; Bloomin' Now
September 2011 President's Message and Show Update; Desperately Seeking
August 2011 Bloomin' Now; Seemannias As Bedding Plants (J. Boggan); Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Desperately Seeking; Report on the 2011 Convention (B. Connor); Sept. Show notes; Begonia show announcement
June 2011 Bloomin' Now; Do You Know Suzie, Like I Know Suzie: an Unknown Strep, Self Identified (Bev N.); Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Help Wanted (for TGS Convention); AVSA Convention 2011 (B. Connor); Gesneriads on Broadway - Tour Continued (J. Roberts); Annual Picnic June 11, 2011; errata - May Petal Tones Kohleria 'Lemon Drop' should have been Kohleria 'Lemon Demon'; Treasurer's Report
May 2011 Photographs from Richmond African Violet Society Show and Delaware African Violet and Gesneriad Society Show; My Trip to China (J. Roberts); Recap: April's Program; A Stroll Through Gesneriads on Broadway - Show Schedule (J. Roberts); The Blog: Quarterly Report (K. Imai)
April 2011 Announcements; Desperately Seeking; Speaking of Pests (K. Imai); Growing Saintpaulia for Show (B. Connor); April is National Aquarium Month (A. Shah)
March 2011 Announcements; Update: US National Arboretum (Harold Belcher); Bloomin' Now; photos from the Atlanta Botanical Garden (Jim Roberts); Desperately Seeking
February 2011 Announcements; desperately seeking; Amazing Gesneriad Seeds (Brian Connor); U.S. National Arboretum Decision to De-Accession Selected Collections (Harold Belcher); Don't Forget - March is Druid Hill Month! (Aarti Shah); Ask Mr. Gesneriad; Bloomin' Now; Upcoming Mid-Atlantic Gesneriad Events
January 2011 Announcements; Naturalistic Terrarium for Ecuadorian Gesneriads (Josh Heath); Growing Episcias (Barb Stewart)
November/December 2010 Announcements; Desperately Seeking; World Gesneriad Conference Report (Larry Skog); Visit with Jon Lindstrom (Jim Roberts); Making a Seasonal Terrarium (Ken Moore); Constructing a Tropical Grow Chamber (Josh Heath)
October 2010 Announcements; My Love of Lotus (Donna Beverin)
September 2010 Seemannia (John Boggan); Announcements; Vacation in Vancouver (Barbara Stewart)
July/August 2010 Announcements: September meeting; Desperately Seeking; Jim Steuerlein Sinningia Giveaway (Jim Roberts); Pepper's Greenhouses (Donna Beverin); Ornate Columneas (Lee Linnet); Local Display Greenhouse Needs our Help! (Jim Roberts)
May/June 2010 Announcements; Brazil Club; Desperately Seeking
April 2010 Show Report (Brian Connor); Announcements; Desperately Seeking; How I Grew My Show-Winning Petrocosmeas (Andrew Norris); Awards Report (Jim Roberts); April Meeting; Announcement: Baltimore African Violet Club Annual Show and Sale
March 2010 Announcements; What Is a Gesneriad and How Are They Judged?; April Meeting - Alpine Gesneriads and Rhizome Exchange
February 2010 Planting and Growing a Terrarium with Gesneriads by Neale Stuart-Merriman (Jim Roberts); Gasteranthus - A Special Gift at the Raffle (Jim Roberts); Gasteranthus atratus (Anonymous); Desperately Seeking; Bananas, Crocs and Gesneriads (Kyoko Imai)
January 2010 Terrarium Containers and Where to Find Them (Johanna Zinn); Announcements; What is a Terrarium? (Lee Linett); Tips for Under Water Design (Carol Hamelink, reprint from February 2007); Stress for Success? (Lee Linett); Recycle This (Lee Linett)

November/December 2009

Announcements; Holiday Party details; Condensed Chiritas (Lee Linett); Companiable Plants (Lee Linett); MAAVS 2009 (Brian Connor); Membership Dues reminder
October 2009 Announcements; Places I've Been - Johnson's Garden Center (Lee Linett) and Brookside Gardens (Donna Beverin); September Meeting Review (Karin Fontneau); slides from Ken Meier's presentation; Strange and Dangerous, Thrips Carry Plant Viruses (Brian Connor); photos from the Frelinghuysen Chapter's show.
September 2009 Greetings and announcements - meeting, Brazil seed fund, upcoming visit to Frelinghuysen Chapter (Jim Roberts); Visiting Harry Witmore (Jim Roberts)
July/August 2009 What is a Convention? (Jim Roberts); What to do with New Plants (Kyoko Imai)
June 2009 The Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center (Kenji Hirose); LECA Update. . . (Kyoko Imai); Pictures from the Baltimore African Violet Society Show (Brian Connor);
A Visit to Al's Orchid Greenhouse (Kyoko Imai)
May 2009 May Program: Propagation Workshop (Jim Roberts); Addicted to Gesneriads! (Brian Connor); announcements; Tips on Propagating Gesneriads (Brian Connor); Potting Mixes; Growing Media Ingredients (Kyoko Imai); Trip to Ecuador (Ken Meier)
April 2009

April Program announcement: Growing in Leca Stones (rescheduled from January); I Realize I'm Hooked Because . . . (Monte Walter); announcements; My Trip to Brazil (Part II) - Mauro's Place (Jim Roberts)

March 2009 New Aeschynanthus Species (Aarti Shah); announcements; Growing Gesneriads for Show (Carol Hamelink); Brazil Plants – A Visit with Mauro (Jim Roberts)
February 2009 Program Announcement - Jim's Trip to Brazil; Tsukuba Botanical Garden (Kyoko Imai); Closeups - Petrocosmea (Kyoko Imai)
January 2009 January Program Announcement - Growing in Leca; Some Important Notes; Our Meeting Place Is Safe - For Now (Aarti Shah); Bev's Gesneriad History - A Beginner's Story (Beverly Nissenbaum); Closeup: Episcia Leaves (Kyoko Imai)
December 2008 Thieving Gesneriphiles Brown Bag Rules; Violets Along the Shenandoah - Mid-Atlantic African Violet Society 2008 Convention (Brian Connor and Kyoko Imai); Fun with Hybridization - Aeschynanthus (Brian Connor)
November 2008 Local Interest: National Bonsai and Penjing Museum (Kyoko Imai); Report from the October Meeting - Dog Show (Kyoko Imai); Sinningia bulbosa: Just How Important is Good Culture? (Kyoko Imai); Aeschynanthus longicaulis - Looking Closely (Kyoko Imai)
October 2008 Dog Show Schedule; History and Culture of Streptocarpus Part II (Brian Connor); A Visit to Brennan's Orchids (Kyoko Imai); Thank you note from Dale Martens
September 2008 History and Culture of Streptocarpus Part I (Brian Connor); Local Interest: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (Kyoko Imai); A (Spur of the Moment) Buying Spree at Lyndon Lyon (Brian Connor); Close-Up of Two Sinningia Seeds
August 2008 Message from the Convention Co-Chair (Nell Hennessy); Gesneriads at the U.S. Botanic Garden (Kyoko Imai); Growing in Leca (Jim Roberts)
June/July 2008 Picnic Details; How to Grow Achimenes (Serge Saliba); Hardy Gesneriads (Jim Roberts); So You Crossed It! (Kyoko Imai); Highlights from May Meeting on Hybridizing (Kyoko Imai); What's Growing
May 2008 Go for Green! (Dale Martens); Storing and Sending Pollen (Dale Martens, reprinted from Gesneriphiles); "Plant" of the Month for June - Cold Hardy Gesneriads (Kyoko Imai); Growing Chiritas (Carol Hamelink); Hybridizing - the Bare Basics (Kyoko Imai)
April 2008 Show Results; Next Meeting - Hybridizing; Garden Visit - Gesneriads at the New York Botanical Garden (Kyoko Imai); Micro Mini Sinningias - in long fibre sphagnum (Kyoko Imai)
March 2008 Show Update (Jim Roberts); Notes from the February Meeting; Pre-Show notes; Two New Petrocosmea hybrids (Jim Roberts) What to Do with New Plants (Kyoko Imai); Notes from the February Meeting (Kyoko Imai)
February 2008 The Gesneriad Society; Awards for March Show; Things to Do for the March Show (Carol Hamelink); announcements; February's Plant of the Month - Columnea; Arrangements - the Artistic Part of Our Show (Jim Roberts); 2009 Convention Update
January 2008 February Little Show - summary of points, learning how to show plants (Jim Roberts); Things to do for the March show; announcements; February Plant of the Month - Columnea
December 2007 Little Show results; highlights from November presentation - Dennis Miller on Hybridizing Streptocarpus (Mark Zukaitis); March Show - The Time to Prepare Is Now (Carol Hamelink); Showing Single Genera Collections (Carol Hamelink)
November 2007 November Speaker announcement: Dennis Miller - Streptocarpus Hybridizer; Editor's Message; Brazil Seed Club
October 2007 Little Show Results; Highlights from September presentation by Karen Cichocki (Carol Hamelink); Neil's Hybrids - By a Hobbyist Hybridizer (Dennis Miller, reprinted from Crosswords); announcements
September 2007 Upcoming Meetings; Little Show information; Why I Love Terrariums (Mark Zukaitis); Roots - Karyn Cichocki's Story; Let There Be Light - fluorescent lighting (Carol Hamelink); future program topics
July/August 2007 Little Show results; Shopping for Gesneriads at Home Depot (Jim Roberts); September meeting agenda; future program topics; Roots - My Beginnings with Gesneriads (Jim Roberts)
May/June 2007 Summer picnic; What we Grow; Little Show results; The Plant Raffle; I Gave at the Office (Mark Zukaitis); highlights fromBob and Dee Stewart's April Talk - Soil and Water; Brazil Seed Club Membership Protocol
April 2007 Next meeting - Water and Soil Basics; Brazil seed club; What We Grow - Carol Hamelink; Rhizomatous Plant Multiplication (Jim Roberts); website announcement; 2007 Convention Announcement; Greetings from the Editor
March 2007 Little Show results; Gloxinia 'Dragonsong' (Jim Roberts); new humidity box (Carol Hamelink);Kohleria 'Green Goblin' soil mix (Carol Hamelink); Greetings from the Editor
February 2007 Future Program Notes; Sinningia piresiana; Episcia culture (Lee Linnet); What's in Bloom; Tips for Under Water Design; What We Grow (Mike Salapka, Shirley Huffman); Brazil Seed Club membership protocol
January 2007 New meeting format; What's in Bloom; December Meeting highlights; Achimenes mexicana; Brazil Plants Support Club; Greetings from the Editor; next meeting: Episcia